Monday, June 13, 2011

Have totally lost track of time

So it's been pretty amazing discovering our own province and now a piece of Alberta. As Keith says, we have driven Europe and back already and we're only about half way through our trip. I'm sharing a few pics of tonights dinner at Sue and Scott's (we're now in Calgary). What an incredible feast! Keith and I are back at our hotel and still talking about it as we lay here ready to sleep. Appies of prawns and stuffed mushrooms, the most amazing tender beef slow roasted on the bbq spit, roast potatoes, fresh as fresh mozarella and tomato salad, arugula flat bread, crab legs done in white wine and garlic and a horseradish dip that I couldn't get enough of. And to top it off, our favourite Rose. How did they know? The weather worked in our favour with the rain disapearing just in time to enjoy our meal outside on their beautiful deck. Christian loved their dogs and we love Sue and Scott. So excited to be spending the rest of the week with them. Hmmmm.. Love life's moments like this.

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