Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fork Farm

A few weeks back we ventured to our new farm in the Okanagan an hour outside of Osoyoos in Grand Forks. In the middle of October there were still apples on the trees. We got as many as we could on move in weekend but wow, can't wait to head back up in the Spring to plant the veggie garden. Can you believe my mum-in-law at almost 93? And how cute is little C? Seriously!

Our Belgian Friends

I know it's been ages and ages but it's been a busy summer. Before I write my next post I wanted to share some photos from some guests that made our summer most amazing. The pictures speak for themselves but I have to say, how many guests come and cook dinner for us?! This was a first and we hope to repay the gesture one day, perhaps this spring when we go to Europe! Miss you guys if you are reading xo T, K, B, W and little C

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Salt Spring Island

I have to say, even though we just took three ferries to return home from Salt Spring Island, it was so worth it. What a beautiful, natural, eclectic place. Keith and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary this weekend. By way of tradition, we take turns on who makes the arrangements to celebrate. This year was my turn. At recommendation years ago from my friend Reine and again from Lucile at Arts Umbrella, I booked us into the Hasting House Hotel. What a treat especially with a farm acreage on our minds. Detailing, charm, great service, delicious food, Molton Brown, spa, garden, garden and more garden, picnic, the most amazing market. Where do I start? A few pics from the weekend.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Off-grid Mountain Somewhere Final part Four

Farewell off-grid mountain dream. Sweet dreams. x

Off-grid Mountain Somewhere Part three

Off-Grid Mountain Somewhere Part two

More of the amazing property

Off-grid Mountain Somewhere

So Keith and I have been travelling in search of our Mountain retreat in BC or Alberta. There have been many pretty spots but none that compare to this setting. We love this place. Unfortunately they did not accept our offer :( It is everything I had envisioned and more. Five acres by a lake 5 minutes from town. Convenient but completely away from it all. Have it in my head how I would create upon it. Whites, creams, simple and rustic yet extremely considered. A very well maintained log home, an amazing fishing pond and gazeebo for outdoor dining, a chicken coup, a guest cottage, ultimate privacy, a clothes hanger, porches, and the most beautiful barn I have ever seen. The people that own this property have so much house pride and have created something amazing. Swoon.