Saturday, May 28, 2011

Circle Farm Tour stops 2, 3 & 4

After the Blackberry B&B / Farm stop I took the girls to one of my favourite places. You may have recalled a post last year on Mother's Day at the Limbert Mountain Farm. Well, the girls loved it. An herb farm, with a cooking school, tea house, and general store. Our next stop after that was to The Farmhouse Natural Cheese. Bit stinky but I was able to pick up some goats milk for Christian while I was there and the girls got some photos with some horses. We then drove past a beautiful Hazelnut farm that I dreamed Christian might run through one day (secretly I want to run through one day!) and then ended our tour at The Back Porch. There we hung out with the goats and some pigs, the chickens and I got a good look at the coop (I'm really into chicken coops at the moment). They have fresh roasted coffee beans and beautiful pottery. I love how people create livings for themselves based on where they want to live. I love that. Kind of like Keith and I on the Sunshine Coast.

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