Friday, May 27, 2011

1 of a few posts from spring girls weekend in Harrison

So I almost can't wait anymore to get our photos together to write these posts. I must start and will by sharing our Saturday with you all. The Agassiz Harrison Mills Circle Farm Tour was awesome. We all had so many "this is our speed" moments. Especially after the crazy Friday we had in search of Sasquatch. Our first stop was to look at the sweetest lambs that had just been shaved. Of course there was just one black sheep in the mix. We noticed a farmer in the field and stopped to say hello. He noticed right away that with a truck full of girls, we must have been up to a girls weekend. He had a sign at the end of his property advertising fresh home made pies so we stopped and bought a few including some fresh eggs and blackberry jam. Fiona bought a lemon meringue, Louise bought a berry one and I bought strawberry rhubarb as a thank you to my Dad for helping to organize the weekend. We fell in love with the property. A good old fashioned red barn scene. Just as you would dream it. Free range chickens, a farm industrial kitchen, a few big dogs on the porch and as luck would have it - they run it as a B&B and call it the Blackberry B&B. Certainly on my list for the next time we're in Harrison.

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