Sunday, February 27, 2011

Impromptu girls weekend on the Coast

My girlfriend Cassandra dropped by on Friday night and well, hasn't left yet. Good conversation lead to a sleepover and a Saturday afternoon of snacking on baguette, pate, cheese and of course a nice bottle of Cabernet Merlot from Mission Hill. Inspired by my new favourite cookbook, Donna Hay Seasons, we made crunchy pork cutlets with winter slaw and parsnip mash. Dessert was warm, home baked, cinnamon rolled, maple apple cakes that we can't take any of the credit for. Our Nanny Maricel did an amazing job! After dinner we watched the Social Network (crazy!) and woke to a beautiful winter wonderland, climbed in the hot tub and took my little boy into his first experience of snow. Like that wasn't just all amazing, I am writing this now recovering from brunch of soft poached Vitala eggs on top of home made crab cakes, pan fried potatoes and hollandaise. So yum! You probably get by now that Cass is my favourite foodie friend (of almost 21 years!) Love impromptu weekends on the Coast.

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  1. Thank you for a 'vacation' weekend... i never did make the 30 min drive up to my house this weekend as was the intention. Now back to Vancouver. You're home and B&B would pull anyone to stay here and almost never wanna go home, no matter how close it is :) Love you.