Sunday, July 11, 2010


As many know, I prepare a fixed Italian dinner out on the deck Saturday evenings for guests who want to take advantage of the weather and view. Since I am home this summer with our baby Christian I've been doing it other nights as well. Last night was fun. I prepared a grande platter of antipasti (wish I had a pic) as well as other really yummy food including Tiramisu for dessert that I have the best recipe for while spending part of a summer in Italy many moons ago. Pictured: Base for Spaghetti Vongole ( I put a mass of Savoury Island Clams on top), Home made fried Polenta with Rosemary, White pizza that I turned into Flat Bread with pear, pine nuts, mushrooms and a hint of truffle oil and my favourite of the evening, Italian sausage kabobs. These I skewered using fresh Rosemary sticks and flavoured with sage from the garden and pieces of marinated pancetta. Sooooo good! (I thought I'd start the pics with my Mum-in-law who deserves all the clean up/sous chef kudos - she's 91!)

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